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User experiences Nuklospray Yoghurt
dinsdag 05 april 2011 09:16

Recent qualitative research among Dutch pig farmers provided insight in user experiences of Nuklospray Yoghurt.
Their top 3 reasons to use Nuklospray Yoghurt:
  1. higher dry matter intake, 
  2. to improve health status on farm, 
  3. big litter size, translated into less mortality and improved uniformity.
The product meets and exceeds expectations.
All respondents stated that extra time needed for the supply of Nuklospray Yoghurt is outweighed by the positive results.
Over 80% mentioned that the use of Nuklospray Yoghurt brings in economical profit. All respondents would recommend it to other pig farmers.

Nuklospray YoghurtDutch pig farmers with an average farm size of 500 – 1000 sows participated in the inquiry.
All of them noted that the smallest piglets benefit the most from Nuklospray Yoghurt intake.
2/3 of the respondents feed all litters and 1/3 only feed the big litters + problem cases.
Around 75% mentioned a decrease of the use of foster sows. When asking how cleaning the farrowing pen and drinking bowls was perceived, 75% answered that it made no difference to them compared to their former situation.

Over 80% found higher weaning weights and a smoother transition to solid feeds. In addition, more uniform litters and higher growth after weaning were observed. 85% of the pig farmers stated that feed intake of dry feeds increased due to the Yoghurt. More than 87% said to be satisfied with the product information available. Around 90% said Nuklospray Yoghurt is easy to prepare and to use.
Respondents all said user instructions and supply are very clear.

All piglet farmers confirmed they will keep on feeding Nuklospray Yoghurt to their piglets.